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nuru /n(y)o͞o ro͞o/

Noun: 1. A Japanese word roughly translating to "slippery" in English, often referenced in regard to a massage technique.

Nuru Massage Nuru massage originated in Japan and it involves using a gel made from seaweed (Nori) and body-to-body contact. Colorless, scentless & tasteless, the gel is slick, almost like silicone, which helps reduce friction from the massage. Cleaning up is easy though, it leaves no oily deposits.  The massage itself is very energetic from both sides and is nothing but unadulterated sexy fun. Put simply it feels like nothing you've ever felt before and expect sensory overload. This is wild passion, maximum erotica and pure sexual pleasure.

2. My specialty 

As some of you know, I offer a TON of fetishes. Plus I've been known to speak a foreign language or two ;) But nuru is definitely one of my favorites. I would love to start your day out or help you relax after a long day at work by running you a warm shower and climbing in with him. The water makes my skin slick and soft but the anticipation makes my nipples so hard...just like you, with me stroking you. I love to feel you grow and pulse in my fist while I wash your back and wash every part of your body.

When I can feel the tension in your back loosen, it's time for warm gel! I use hands to caress and cradle those hard to reach areas, but nothing beats body-to-body contact for a sensual experience. The gel turns every part of my body into a warm pillow that I use to drain that last drop of stress (among other things!) right out of you.

Of course, nuru can also be a warm-up for plenty of other things! Ever had a hot nurse give you a full body exam? Or an insatiable MILF ride you until explode like a bottle of warm champagne? From GFE to PSE to things there's no acronym for, we WILL find a way to make you leave with a smile on your face!

Nuru 260 includes shower together and gfe or naughty GFE session

Greek with Nuru make for an outstanding time 

add 50 to session YMMV

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You must have atleast two well known provider refrence or okays.  I do allow out of state okays.